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... a simple meditation technique that you can do anywhere, we offer one here which is a slight variation on one taught by Betty Bethards of the Inner Light Foundation. It’s only a 20-minute exercise, which, if done every day, will ultimately change your life. (Download entire guide)

Try to make a quiet space for yourself somewhere. If you like, put on some music you can resonate with. Concentrating on music helps to keep your mind "quiet" while you do this, which is what you want.


1) Sit in a chair with your spine erect, shoulders relaxed, feet flat on the floor. Fold your hands together in your lap and close your eyes. Take 3 slow, deep breaths, inhaling to the base of your spine. Exhale fully between breaths. Feel yourself relaxing with each breath.

2) During this first 10 minutes you might visualize that you have roots that go deep into the Earth - grounding you firmly. Feel the tremendous warmth and nourishment flowing into you from the Earth. You feel safe and protected. Now feel your own energy beginning to build.

3) After 10 minutes have passed, open your hands and lay them - palms up - in your lap. Keeping your eyes closed, imagine a huge ball of Golden Light above your head. Allow the Light to flow into your energy field and bathe you in Love. Pull the Light in through every pore, breathe it in, pull it in through your palms and the soles of your feet. Send it back out the top of your head (your crown chakra). Keep it circulating like this for 10 minutes. Feel your energy building. Sometimes it will cause your body to rock back and forth, or you may experience a tingling sensation. And don't be dismayed if you seem to be just "sitting there." For those of us who "just sit there," the meditation works anyway! Renewal takes places just the same.

4) At the end of this second 10 minutes, your energy will have reached its highest point. This is when you can do your own personal affirmations or visualizations most effectively. It’s an excellent time to send healing, ask for guidance, visualize, and program. You might try feeling love for someone you’re angry at or with whom you’re engaged in a difficult situation. And before you close, always take the time to visualize love, healing, and an absence of fear in the world...for all life, not just human.

5) After completing your affirmations and visualizations, close your hands into fists. Imagine yourself in the center of a huge Golden Light which shines as far as you can see...all around you, above and beneath you! Feel yourself in the center of this magnificent Light. From this center you can send love and healing to all yet shield yourself from others’ negativity and the stress of daily life. Feel the Love.

6) Open your eyes.

Try to practice this meditation at least 20 minutes every day. It will change you from the inside out. It will help you stay centered so you aren’t reacting to other’s negativity or to difficult situations in which you might otherwise lose your way. Meditation will help you remember your dreams. Meditation will allow you to create new dreams. It’s an exquisitely powerful tool, and it’s yours for the taking.

Visit the Inner Light Foundation’s website to find many more tools for self-growth and to learn how to become a powerful force for healing in the world.

Download the complete meditation guide to your own computer.  Just click on the download link and save it to your computer.  The guide is in a word .doc format.

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